Woodfree Paper

Woodfree Paper


Woodfree paper is exclusively made up of chemical pulp instead of mechanical pulp by removing yellow lignin while manufacturing. If the paper contains less than 10% of mechanical pulp, then those papers are termed to be as woodfree papers.

Woodfree papers are also known as ‘fine paper’ or ‘free sheets’ papers and are also termed to be as C2S or C1S. Woodfree papers are classified into two types, Coated woodfree paper(CWF) and Uncoated woodfree papers(UWF).

Coated woodfree papers are for high-quality printing solutions with inexpensive printability for magazines, catalogs, brochures, envelope, technical papers. These papers are available with an advanced surface finish of matt, silk, and gloss.

Uncoated woodfree papers are mostly focused on offset printing for official prints and inexpensive commercial purposes.

Woodfree papers are environmentally friendly and totally recyclable papers. The woodfree papers with gloss finish deal with the high-quality printing finish and matt help to add an extra dimension to your printing experiences.

We deal with the woodfree paper directly from Bangladesh which is the largest manufacturer of woodfree paper. Quality and reliability from woodfree papers.

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